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The curry capital of England: Bradford
Bradford is known for its curry and that is so for a very good reason. Not only will you find many restaurants and takeaways in Bradford but you will also find that they are also of superior quality as compared to other places in the country. Bradford is hailed as the curry capital of England for a reason, it not only has the best curry in the country but may also be the best curry town in all of Europe.

The question that many ask is what makes Bradford stand out in such a vast majority of restaurants and takeaways. The answer to that question is surprisingly simple. Bradford has curry restaurants that are better than anywhere else in the country. Not only that but there are many curry restaurants in the UK that offer a larger and superior menu than anywhere else in the country.

The main reason behind such curry orientation is that Bradford has a large South-Asian population and this has meant that there are many curry lovers in the area. Famous Bradford restaurants such as Omar Khan's are used to entertaining celebrities and politicians on a regular basis due to the high quality of the food.

My Hungry Belly prides itself on having all major Indian restaurants in Bradford on their order food online website. Bradford is the area that generates the highest number of orders per day and keeping in mind the quality and quantity of the restaurants and takeaways in Bradford, this comes as no surprise.

So what are you waiting for, log on to My Hungry Belly and order food online from the leading Indian restaurants in Bradford and enjoy the most scrumptious of curries

Posted by: David Jackson on 2 March 2011
Tagged by: International Cuisine | Food Facts | Pizza
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