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Food price rises pushing millions into extreme poverty
Millions of people fear to be thrown deeper into poverty if action is not take in the next feew months

The World Bank's food price index shows wheat, maize and soya costs have soared, requiring a relaxation of export controls and a rethink on biofuels.

Countries who produce food must relax in exporting for Biofuels to prevent millions falling into poverty even more, by the higher food prices.  If the food supply chain is not increased, we could expect 10 million more people to reach poverty.  This is 0.76p a day for people to spend on food.

Since April 2010, prices have increased by 36% for food,driven in part by higher fuel costs connected to instability in the Middle East and North Africa.

Higher transport and fertiliser costs have sent the price of wheat, maize and soya back to levels last seen in 2008.

How does this affect ordering food online

This will affect ordering food online from takeaways and restaurant, as the number of people that do order takeaway will slowly cut down on their spending to stay within budget.

Therefore many takeaways in UK will face a painful decrease in sales causing a serious financial struggle for those who are already feeling the pinch.

How Can Help will help consumers get more for their money and award consumers for ordering food onlineCollecting points and rewarding consumers with vouchers really does provide value for money and also encourages consumers to order food online.

For more details on ordering food online, please visit

Posted by: Neal G on 21 April 2011
Tagged by: International Cuisine | Food Facts
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