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3 Simple Steps For Adapting To Spicy Food

3 simple steps for adapting to spicy food

Easy does it people, start off with something you can handle and work your way up.  You can find a variety of takeaways listed on that serves delicious spicy curries from  mild, medium to hot

3 simple steps,

Firstly:  Don't over eat, keep your portions small and work your way up in strength

Secondly:  It is best to drink milk, eat yoghurt or bread to cool down your mouth but avoid water or fizzy drinks as this will only make things worse and we don't want that happening now, do we?

Third and final step which is the most important one from them all and that is, after direct contact with any spicy foods especially chilli be sure to WASH YOUR HANDS and avoid contact with eyes.

Enjoy some dishes from today and order online to recieve your loyalty points.

Posted by: David Jackson on 20 August 2013
Tagged by: Food Facts
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