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Chacha's Steak and Pizza House
When it comes to grabbing some grub from the best local restuarants in Leeds here's two names to remember, Chacha's Steak and Pizza House and! Chacha's offers kebabs, burgers, donners, pizza, breads, wraps, SFC, salads and desserts. Or if you fancy a chance there's a whole unqiue menu that offers you just that!

Our unique online ordering system is the easiest way to enjoy all the quality food at Chacha's. It'll only take a few moments and a few clicks to get all the local takeaway goodness you need. And what a selection! A mouth watering steak of marinated lamb or chicken strips, served with salad, mayo and sweet chill for as little as three pounds to mention just one of the many treats on offer. Don't take my word for it though, have a look for yourself, it really couldn't be easier to browse our menus and get what you want when you want it with zero hassle.

So order takeaway online with Chacha's Steak and Pizza House, 207 Harehills Lane, Leeds securely with, you can't go wrong!


Posted by: David Jackson on 20 April 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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