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Charco's Piri Piri Grill House (Woodhouse Lane)
Looking for local takeaways to warm you you up in the chilly British winter? Charo's offers red hot piri piri chicken, platters, specials, burgers, pitta's, wraps, salad's. sideline's, little criaca's meals and desserts that'll have you burning up like it was the hot, hot summer in Leeds!

Finely grilled Charco's offer the best value platters you'll find with whole chicken & 2 large sidelines at barely over a tenner. You don't even have to venture out into the cold to try it out for yourself. Our unique online ordering system you can order takeaway food online with unprecedented ease.
Get on to and have a browse though our easy to use menu system, you're bound to find something to take your fancy at Charco's Piri Piri Grill House, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds a unique culinary experience among the local restaurants in Leeds.

Posted by: David Jackson on 30 April 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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