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Delicious Parmesan House (Manville Terrace)
If you're in the Bradford University area and looking to order takeaway food online Delicious Parmesan House has everything you need, providing mouth watering food such as paninis, pizza paninis, pasta, jacket potato, curries, lasagna, desserts, milkshakes and much more. My Hungry Belly make it easer than ever to take advantage of great local food thanks to our secure and hassle free online ordering service.


Open seven days a week for your convenience, you'll find a delicious range of healthy meals that'll really fill you up when you're after a local takeaway that suits your needs and fits around your life. The Parmesans are a taste bud tingling experience you can't afford to miss. Served with one sundries, creamy cabbage full salad and a choice of any two sauces. Simply choose your base, select whether you would like original style or pizza style then choose your two toppings and you're away! We're sure you'll be back for more soon, luckily it's never been easier to order food online so great taste is always only a few button clicks away.

For great local takeaway check out Delicious Parmesan House, 12 Manville Terrace, Bradford with it couldn't be any simpler or more satisfying.


Posted by: on 18 April 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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