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Fusion Xpress (Gaythorn Road)
Fusion Xpress is a fast and varied local takeaway dedicated to providing the food you want, at your convenience. Take a look at our menu and you'll find everything from milkshakes to curry to good old fashioned fish and chips. All at prices that won't break the bank, allowing you to eat well and at ease in these tough economic times.

Now, it's even easier to sample the best of Fusion Xpress thanks to our secure online ordering system here at my hungry belly. The easiest way to get the best food, all it takes is a few mouse clicks. Give your user-friendly menu a browse and you'll soon see for yourself, you'll not want to go back to your old ways of rooting around for screwed up old paper menus and phone numbers.
With free delivery throughout Bradford and opening till 11pm every single day Fusion Xpress, 27 Gaythron Road, Bradford are ideal partners in convenience with Take advantage today!

Posted by: David Jackson on 17 May 2012
Tagged by: International Cuisine | Food Facts | Pizza
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