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Munchies (Harehills Lane)
Piling home from a club with friends and find nothing in the cupboards at home? Back from work and too exhausted to cook? Looking for a good feed with minimal hassle and maximum flavour and belly pleasing great taste? Well, if you're in Leeds you're in luck. Munchies are dedicated to being on call whenever you need anything from a light snack or a feast for a group of hungry friends. If you aren't use to ordering food online, don't be intimidated MyHungryBelly is easy as can be, user friendly and completely secure- together we're the ultimate hunger buster!

Munchies offer Pizza, Burgers, Kebabs, Jacket Potato, Curry, Southern Fried Chicken, all your favourites and more. Have a gander at our easy to navigate online menu and I'm sure plenty will pop out at you and make your mouth water. In fact Munchies has only one real flaw, with so much yumminess under one roof it's hard to know what to choose! But don't fret with opening hours between five in the evening and one, and an hour extra on Friday and Saturday there's plenty of time to taste everything. We're sure this branch will prove a favourite, so get started today!
Online order takeaway today care of Munchies, Harehills Lane, Leeds and

Posted by: Donald Groves on 15 October 2012
Tagged by: International Cuisine | Food Facts | Pizza
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