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Ocean Pizza (Tong Street)

It's Friday night, you and your mates have piled back to your place after a few beers and you're all famished. Even basic food preparation is a non-starter and besides your cupboards are bare at the end of the week anyway. But wait you have a menu for that great local takeaway somewhere? Ocean Pizza on Tong Road! Some of the tastiest pizza to ever grace your hungry belly and more! After half an hour of searching, and stressing half your mates are crashed out and the fun, relaxing vibe has gone. Worse still someone has to trek to the cash machine in the pouring rain so you've got the cash to pay the delivery guy. I'm sure this story will be one many of you recognise. However, it doesn't have to be this way.


Working in partnership with the very best in local food like Ocean Pizza, make having all your favourites in reach with the click of a button a yummy tasting reality. Ocean Pizza in particular is one foodies in the Leeds area should check out. Even the briefest glance at our easy to use online menu will leave you in no doubt as to why that is. Meal deals for as little as £3.99,  hot American subs and even tuck into some Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream for dessert. Have a look for yourself what's on offer. Make a hassle free registration with us, or order direct. With free delivery on orders over a fiver in a wide local radius and opening times till midnight, every single day, it just couldn't get any simpler.

Order takeaway online UK  at its simplest and best care of Ocean Pizza, 270 Tong Road, Leeds and


Posted by: Meg Stewart on 5 November 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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