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Tasty Spot (Keighley Road)

There are times of the week where you will fancy a takeaway that the whole family would enjoy. If that's you then contact Tasty Spot on Keighley Road. This local takeaway will provide high quality food at a good price. In addition Tasty Spot's well known drinks, tasty spot mega deals, baguettes, paninis, chicken nuggets, pizzas, calzones, garlic bread, southern fried chicken, kebabs, burgers and desserts offer a great selection for all customers.





Tasty Spot is open 7 days a week and we bring you fresh, flavoursome, enjoyable meals that you would love to have again and again. If you would like to try our delicious food then quickly pick up the phone and dial us direct or order online at, the UK's best online ordering resource site.


Visit us at Tasty Spot, 24, Keighley Road, Bradford, and find out why we are the best in our local area for quality and excellence. Once you have tried our food you will want to come back to us thanks to Don't hesitate, contact us today!




Posted by: Meggan Bishop on 21 May 2013
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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