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The Anmol (The Parade)

The quality of the local takeaway you order in can make or break an evening; shoddy service, under or over cooked food or taking longer than advertised can all adversely affect what should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. That's why we're dedicated to handpicking the very best here at One outlet that certainly falls within that category is The Anmol, one of the best places to get order in food in Bradford. Traditional Indian Curries, Starters, Pizza, Burgers, Omelettes, Kebabs and SFC, they have it all and then some!




If you've never tried ordering food online, you might have all sorts of questions and quibbles about security and value but rest assured takes care of both. You can order direct but if you register with us you enjoy great benefits like one point added for every pound you spend. Rack up 150 (and with the great selection of delicious food at outlets like The Anmol, that won't be hard at all!) and you'll get a five pound voucher, courtesy of us. So why not explore The Anmol and today? With free delivery in the local area, great value and open seven days a week you certainly won't regret it.


Quite simply The Anmol, 8b The Parade, Bradford and come together in partnership to provide you with a delightful evening of grub, fitted entirely around your needs, whenever you want.




Posted by: Jack Burroughs on 23 May 2013
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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