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Gangster's Little Bistro - North Lane

In Leeds and after some great food, direct to your door? Well, Gangster's Little Bistro and will make you an offer you can't refuse! Several in fact, as this great value outlet offers a collection of pizza offers that will allow you to eat well for less. That's just the start of it, there's SFC, Specials, Kebabs, Salads, Desserts, Hot Sandwiches & Burgers all available with the click of a mouse thanks to our secure and easy Online Ordering Service


Why not try something different with Gangster's American Style Hot Sandwiches? Freshly baked baguette filled with cheese, salad, mayonnaise and your own choice of filling. For only three pounds you can't really go wrong! Just one of the many treats available to you seven days a week, between 5pm and 12am. That also includes free delivery on orders over six pounds. We've come together to make ordering food online easier then ever before!


So order today, the easy way, with and Gangster's Little Bistro, 52B North Lane, Leeds LS6 3HU. You won't believe how easy it actually is!

Posted by: on 23 August 2013
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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