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Pizza Town (New Briggate)

Is it that time for the weekly or monthly takeaway that the young ones have been on about all week and you don't have the energy to cook anything tonight? If this is the case then why not contact the local takeaway Pizza Town in Leeds? With their selection of English and Italian dishes, Burgers, Pizza, Southern Fried Chicken, Desserts and Kebabs, there are plenty of options for you to enjoy.




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Posted by: Jack Burroughs on 31 May 2013
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
The Anmol (The Parade)

The quality of the local takeaway you order in can make or break an evening; shoddy service, under or over cooked food or taking longer than advertised can all adversely affect what should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. That's why we're dedicated to handpicking the very best here at One outlet that certainly falls within that category is The Anmol, one of the best places to get order in food in Bradford. Traditional Indian Curries, Starters, Pizza, Burgers, Omelettes, Kebabs and SFC, they have it all and then some!




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Posted by: Jack Burroughs on 23 May 2013
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
Pizza X-Press & Balti (Paley Road)

Pizza X-press & Balti in Bradford boasts a mega menu, they don't just do pizza. they do a variety of kebabs, Southern Fried Chicken and a selection of English dishes as well as much much more. This is a local takeaway which offers great food at excellent prices. So you're getting a great deal and you're supporting the local economy, everyone's a winner, even your wallet.


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Posted by: Jack Burroughs on 27 February 2013
Tagged by: International Cuisine | Pizza
Pizza Roma (Stonegate Road)
Is it that time of the month to order a Pizza takeaway but you wanted to try something different? If that's the case don't change your topping of your pizza, change the supplier to Pizza Roma in Leeds. They can deliver good quality pizza's at a competitive price, as supplying English, Indian and Italian dishes, Burgers, Donner, Southern Fried Chicken, Dessert, pasta, Kebabs and halal options available so they is something for everyone to enjoy.
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Posted by: Jack Burroughs on 3 January 2013
Tagged by: International Cuisine | Pizza
Pizza Napolena (Park Street)

In Huddersfield and looking for the very best in local takeaway food and the easiest way to order it? Working in partnership to solve all your hungry related woes and to give you the very best food and service Pizza Napolena and of course work together to provide you with an internet ordering experience that is simply number one for security, ease and diversity. If you've never ordered takeaway online, here's an ideal opportunity to give it a try and trust us one glance at the Pizza Napolena menu and you won't be able to resist. 


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Posted by: Jack Burroughs on 12 December 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
Omar's Zenzi Kitchen & Grill (Stoney Lane)
If you're looking for a local takeaway with years of experience providing the best authetic cuisine to the lucky hungry folk of Bradford, then find yourself one in a long line of many to experience Omars Zenzi Kitchen & Grill. With a fine selection of traditional Indian Curries, Burgers, English Dishes, Appetisers & Kebabs, Takeway doesn't get much HOTTER than this! Best of all there's no more need to scramble about to have their details on hand, order securely online care of MyHungryBelly and we'll sort everything. All you have to do is set back and enjoy while the dedicated and skilled staff at Omars Zenzi Kitchen & Grill work their time honoured magic.
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Posted by: Jack Burroughs on 15 November 2012
Tagged by: Food Facts | Pizza
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