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Welcome to Homer Chicken located on Raglan Road, Leeds, LS2 9DZ. Homer Chicken offers a variety of Chicken Meals such as Chicken Burger Meals, Combo Meals, Wraps, Grilled Meals, Party Buckets & Meal Deals. Place an order through

Customer Reviews
Ali Alameer
28 Jun 2014 00:36
The quality of food is Good! It is very delicious. The driver is friendly, when he forgot to give me the Coke he basically returned back to me to give me the can when I called him back without any problems. HOWEVER, the service is very extremely poor. I oredered from them half pounder chicker burgers and I paid for that and they brought me quarter pounders! when I called them back for this wrong order they told me we are sorry and next time we will give you a discount! The time comes to examine how they deal with their customers. I decided to order again, and GUESS WHAT THEY SAID? THEY SAID WE REMEMBER YOU, LAST TIME WE GAVE YOU HALF POUNDER BEEF BURGERS NOT QUARTER CHICKEN BURGERS, WE DO NOT HAVE ANY DISCOUNT FOR YOU (to be honest they made 10p discount!) I was very angry and hang up the line.
John Baldari
25 Oct 2013 19:38
Thank you for your excellent service. We had the 2 pizza deal with a garlic and a meat feast pizza that were awesome. I had the spicy chicken sandwich and it really hit the spot. I think we have found our new favorite delivery place.
Thapelo Shomana
15 Apr 2012 22:54
Absolutely horrible wings this time, they had an awful smell like they were out of date, and tasted horrible too. I'm so disappointed that they did not do anything about it when i told them. This is the second time Homer Chicken has disappointed with quality of their wings and i think its time to see if i can find better ones somewhere. :-(
Thapelo Shomana
5 Apr 2012 23:42
This is the best place for spicy wings in Leeds but today they were too dry and they were a bit shrunk! Hope it was a once off thing. Thank You good food all the time though
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